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Short-Term Rental Success: A Conversation with the CT Brothers - Chris Trefry & Cameron Tingey

Hey there! It's Jordan, and I just had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Trefry and Cameron Tingey, also known as the CT brothers, who run a successful short-term rental business in Scottsdale. They have been doing this full-time for a few years now and manage 50 properties, so they have a lot of knowledge and value to share about the industry.

I was really impressed with their journey into real estate. They both graduated from ASU with marketing degrees and started working in sales. They saved up a lot of money and started investing in real estate using the house-hacking method. From there, they transitioned into short-term rentals and have been growing their business ever since.

During the interview, we talked about their roles in the business and how it has evolved over the years. They used to do everything themselves, but now they have specialized in certain tasks and manage a team of contractors. Their main focus now is on ensuring a great guest and client experience.

We also discussed what they look for in a property when analyzing it for being a good fit for a short-term rental. They focus on identifying their target customer and figuring out how to best serve them. This could be families, digital nomads, or large groups like bachelor parties.

Chris and Cameron's ideal client is someone who is new to the industry and comes to them for guidance from start to finish. They prefer to help clients find and close on a property themselves, and then manage the entire process to ensure a smooth and profitable venture.

Overall, I learned a lot from Chris and Cameron about the short-term rental business and the importance of identifying your target customer. If you're interested in learning more, be sure to check out the full interview.