What is a Unique Value Proposition? Definition – A clear statement that describes the benefit of your offer, how you solve your customer’s needs and what distinguishes you from the competition. Why is this important to how real estate agents conduct and grow their business?

Currently, the market, and specifically in Arizona is hotter than the sun. So it is currently feast, not famine, which makes selling and securing listings easier in the sense that how you market those properties as well as yourself may not look much different from the realtor around the corner.

But what if the market dries up? What if the market takes a downturn? The possibility always remains, which means that those agents that consistently delivered value even when the market was hot will likely survive a downturn. When the risk level is raised and volatility all of a sudden plays a factor, that’s when the value proposition becomes even stronger.

The value you bring to your clients will stand out and will be how you distinguish yourself as DIFFERENT from your peers. So the question must be asked? What benefits do you offer as an agent to your clients? How do you solve your customer’s needs and what distinguishes you from the competition?

Currently, doing the bare minimum may get you by because the market is on fire. However, as history has proven with any line of business and particularly the real estate industry, if you are not delivering TRUE VALUE to your client and target audience, you become disposable and they will find your replacement that in turn delivers actual value. Are you a bare minimum agent? Are you a “post and pray” realtor? In any industry, the value you bring is directly linked to your longevity in said industry. When the market cools… will you survive?

Crafting a unique value proposition, then executing it is absolutely crucial in order to ensure your long-term success. Real estate is a “big picture” game, you must see the bigger picture, not just chase the quick buck in order to understand what truly constitutes “value” in the eyes of your target audience. So whether you find yourself in a listing presentation, you’re marketing yourself online via multiple platforms, or looking to tell your story you must ask yourself… what differentiates me from the competition? What makes me different?

This is where your unique value proposition as an agent will go a long way. Some of the strongest brands in the world understand what this simple statement means to business growth and sales, but more importantly to their clients. How long will you wait to create your own unique value proposition?

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– Dominic Hernandez –

Dominic is an early riser with a hustle hard mentality.  With energy for days and a passion to match, he finds beauty in the daily grind of working hard and building things from scratch.  Knowledge, communication, a love for writing and literature fuel his ambition.