Thinking about selling your home? Hire a Professional.

6%. That ridiculous amount of your home sale price that goes to the real estate agents that is just eating away at your bottom line. That’s just way too much right? Right? No. Here’s why.

Your real estate professional is doing much more than just filling out paperwork. They are working meticulously to bring you *qualified* buyers and getting your home the impressions it deserves. Sites like Zillow and Trulia, which used to be a great resource for homeowners choosing to sell without an agent (For Sale By Owners or FSBOs) are now only pulling listings off MLS.

Selling a home without the use of MLS severely limits the amount of potential buyers that will see your home. Not only that, but if you happen to get the stranger walking by who shows interest in your home, that person may not even be qualified to get a loan! Your home can go days, months, even years without selling. Does that 6% still seem high? Maybe not.

How’s that for my first blog? I think I am better at math, than writing.

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– Lucas Chien –

Lucas is a numbers guy and has a knack for the details. He is the caretaker for the company mascot, Lucy, and holds the current ListerPros world record in kettlebell swings. In his free time, he rock climbs and crashes his mountain bike.