It’s 2017, the nature of how people take in their information across the globe has drastically changed due to a number of factors.  With attention spans shrinking with each passing year, combined with technology moving at lightning speed video has changed the marketing game.  Just a few short years ago mobile devices from phones, tablets to laptops were incapable of streaming high definition video at acceptable speeds that kept the viewer engaged.

However, this is no longer the case and to say a phenomenon has ensued would be an understatement.  Devices of all sorts can now accommodate your video viewing desires in HD, 1080P and 4K video clarity.  As a result professionals across all lines of business have taken advantage.  From creating vlogs, web series, business commercials, live streams, real estate property video, etc. video marketing is in full force and has become a tour de force.  Gone are the days of a consumer having the patience to read multiple lines of text, which more and more so is making older forms of media such as print, text and email seem as ancient as papyrus scrolls in ancient Egypt.  Which begs the next question:

Where can you best connect with YOUR target audience?

Letters, fax, emails, text messages, or just plain text on a social media platform?  While there is still value to those means of communication, recent trends have indicated that they are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  which brings us to our next point: the average attention span.  Attention span has been defined as “the amount of concentrated time on a task without becoming distracted.”  The fact is the average attention span is 8 seconds and seems to be shrinking.  So, according to the most recent data, where can you best connect with your target audience?

Answer: VIDEO!

Yes, video allows you to connect with your target audience on multiple levels.  Not only can you personalize your content, it also helps your target audience get a glimpse of you, your product and ultimately creates an emotional connection unlike any other medium can.  When it comes to real estate marketing in particular, the video phenomenon is in full force.  The most successful agents across the globe and locally have already begun leveraging video in their marketing as a way to not only dramatically increase their business, but also as a way to stay relevant and modern with their content.  To best appeal to your target audience and get your message across you must stay relevant with the latest tools and technology.  So if you haven’t considered the power of video and haven’t leveraged it, you’ve missed the train!  Well, at least the first few that have left the station.  But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of room on the next few to board.  So you still have time to hop on!

In just three short years ListerPros has produced well over 2,000 videos ranging from property HD home tours, custom property videos, green screen videos, creative agent video, conceptual real estate videos, real estate web series, behind the brokerage videos, small business videos, event videos, car videos, music videos, and much more.  It’s with this in mind that we urge real estate professionals, small business owners and every other aspiring entrepreneur with a great idea to speak to your target audience by leveraging video.

What better way to connect emotionally with your audience then by giving them a peek into who you are as well as your business.  Throughout the course of your day, think about how many times you picked up your phone and looked at it.  Think of the times you’ve visited a site and preferred to click on a brief video instead of read through the text.  Surely, you agree then that your potential client is doing the exact same thing.

Which begs the last question…  have YOU considered the power of video?

So what are you waiting for?  Don’t be late to the party, show up early and enjoy the ride!  Take your marketing to the next level by leveraging video, increase your online presence, make your brand a household name by getting the most views possible and make your business synonymous with innovation, greatness and a forward thinking, effective model that yields real results.

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– Dominic Hernandez –

Dominic is an early riser with a hustle hard mentality.  With energy for days and a passion to match, he finds beauty in the daily grind of working hard and building things from scratch.  Knowledge, communication, a love for writing and literature fuel his ambition.