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Earning a prospective client’s trust and keeping it long after they’ve become clients is part of business building 101.  After all, without customers there would be no purpose for business at all.  But just earning their business isn’t enough, you want to retain them to leverage that relationship to promote yourself to other prospective clients.

How do you build trust in 2018?  By being transparent, sharing your story and letting them get to know you.  No other medium is achieving this goal for busy agents like video is.  In fact, 85% of consumers prefer to work with an agent that uses video, yet only 15% do so.  Invite them into your world, show them, don’t tell them about the value you bring to the table.  The average consumer prefers a quick video to lengthy text.  Share your story, your unique value proposition, your marketing strategy and ultimately, how you will accomplish their goals as their preferred real estate agent.

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